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Juvéderm™ injections are done under a local or topical anesthetic to ensure patient comfort. There is no need for any pre-testing because Juvéderm™ is of non-animal origin. All injections are performed by our qualified medical staff.

Click here to request your complimentary consultation and get started with one of our Registered Nurses at our Hamilton location (serving Waterdown clients).

Preparing for Juvéderm™

Facial revitalization will change the way you look and feel. We can enhance and contour to restore youthfulness and beauty.

At Laser Aesthetics we use Juvéderm™ as our number one dermal filler. It is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring substance found throughout the body. It is a complex sugar molecule responsible for tissue hydration and structure.

Juvéderm™ can instantly replace or add volume to enhance your natural features. It is a non permanent filler which can last for several months and typically up to a year.

This is dependant on the amount of product used and the area that is injected. Additional visits over time are required to maintain results. This can be addressed at the time of your consultation.

Treatments are for the most part comfortable to perform. The use of topical anesthetics can add to the comfort level of your treatment.

Side effects can include some bruising and swelling. These are typical and resolve quickly.

After treatment results are noticed immediately and can continue to improve over the following months.

On your first visit at our clinic serving Waterdown we will create a personalized treatment plan to help you create your desired look.

Our goal is to create balance, symmetry and harmony as we repair facial structures.

The possibilities are unlimited.

  • We can replace volume,
  • Redefine features, treat unwanted lines, lift brows,
  • Soften dark circles,
  • Define and enhance lips,
  • Contour the chin and jawline.

It's time to discover a more youthful and attractive you!

At Laser Aesthetics, we respect the privacy of our clients. To view before and after pictures please refer to Allergan's before and after pictures online.

Juvéderm™ before and after

Juvéderm™ before and after

Juvéderm™ before and after

Juvéderm™ before and after

Laser Aesthetics pictures can be viewed in our Hamilton clinic (serving Waterdown clients) during your personal consultation.

Click here to request your complimentary consultation and get started with one of our Registered Nurses at out Hamilton location serving Waterdown area.

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I had a lot of acne when I was a kid and unfortunately my kids seem to have inherited the same problem. I was getting frustrated trying to get an appointment with a dermatologist. When I finally got one, I was given some medication that I thought was quite strong and not right for me. After visiting Laser Aesthetics and being introduced to their photo dynamic therapy and BLU-U machine the results were almost immediate and the repeat treatments are easy to arrange. They were also wonderful at explaining the cause of the problem and how to resolve it. I’m going to tell all my friends.

John, Burlington, ON

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The Laser Asthetics Team is amazing! I get work done by both Sue & Dani. Both are fantastic, professional & really help ease my anxiety by explaining the process and walking me through each step of the way. They do a great job and Have helped me achieved my goals. Most notiably - my skin which is very prone to breakouts and scarring. I have always dreamed about but have never thought I could go bare face due to this. I am now happy to say I can very happily & confidently go foundation free!
Merina Quaggiotto
I bought a kit of Vivier SkinTx products at this location and it was completely worth it. I've had compliments on my skin since and actually got carded at the LCBO this week, which hasn't happened in a long time. I'm almost 39!
Anna Bolton O'Byrne

Recent Google Reviews of our Hamilton location...

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Laser Aesthetics atmosphere is beautiful! The staff are so sweet and very helpful! I had really bad lines in my forehead that my makeup would always get stuck in and it bothered me a lot. Sue did my botox and did an amazing job, my lines are gone! She was very professional and explained everything so that I would understand what to expect. Dani also did my eyelash lift and tint and they look unreal! I have nothing but great words for Laser Aesthetics.
Holly Olsen
The Burlington location is amazing so it’s no surprise that the Hamilton location would be too! The staff and renovations have made this spa one of the nicest places in Hamilton! Highly recommended!
Aysha Mirza

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